Give Me Wings to fly

Give me wings to fly
and I'll touch the sky,

Give me wings to fly
n I'll reach so high,

As high as the mountains
as high as the sky

Give me wings us to fly
and I'll touch the sky...

Give me wings not to bring anybody down
but to help who are feeling down

give me wings not to destroy anybody
but to help those have been destroyed by destiny

give me wings to fly and I'll touch the sky

Wings of courage, wings of desire, wings of determination, wings of dedication

Give me wings to fly and I'll touch the sky

Wings of love,
wings of affection
wings of Care, wings of trust and wings of honesty, wings of empathy

Give me wings to fly and I'll touch the sky

Events Overview

SEAS – Global Women Achievers Awards 2018, is the platform where Women from all sectors are coming together to be honored for their determination, dedication, and hard work, on this platform SEAS is launching its three initiatives, overall child development, for which they are already working, women empowerment and the initiative to care and support the senior citizens. The women from across the country and some from abroad are also coming to attend this award ceremony. Their selection has been through a proper and unbiased screening system where their entire journey has been evaluated. They Jury played a very important role in this. The Jury Members are – Reena Tyagi, Tina Ahluwalia Bakshi, and Shalini Mehta. Among the Awardees are Doctors, Engineers, Artists from TV & Theatre, Chef, Nutritionists, Fitness Gurus, Educationists, HIV Survivors, Media & IT Professionals as well, all are real-time achievers and fighters. The Award function is being hosted by SEAS at Hotel Ramada
Women Empowerment
Child Development
Care and Support to Old
The agenda for the award function is focused on Women Empowerment, and the need to bring a change in the life of women who are literally struggling to make ends meet fighting all odds and clearing obstacles in their way. This event shall be organized each year on 19th January, and each year women from all walks of life will be honored for their efforts and struggle to reach their goals, with the opportunity to showcase the best of their industry & Talent. SEAS shall soon become the biggest platform for Children, Women and Senior Citizens to showcase their talents and achievements.